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    We are Red Door Distributions, a 3D printing service bureau. We are trying to push our 3D printers to the next level with printing high-resolution collectible models. We currently print for the engineering, dental, and jewelry industries and would like to expand into the world of collectibles.

    We understand that your designs are proprietary and we want to give all the credit to the designer, all we ask is that you allow us to "try" and print your model. If we are successful we will charge only the cost of materials and send your model back to you. Cost of course will be dependent on the size of your model. We do not keep the design files you send us and will not redistribute them for proprietary reasons.

    Our printers are the B9 Creators, which are very capable of printing in extremely high-resolution. The consumable is a low cost photopolymer resin that is moldable, paintable, sandable, and castable. So your model will be ready for paint right out of the box.

    If you have any questions feel free to check out our website at reddoordistributions.com. Thanks for your time guys!

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