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    Default a Mech

    Hello there!!!
    This is my first time uploading artwork here and I did this mech for a class that I'm taking about Zbrush... (ZBrush 4R7: Everything you wanted to know...with a side of mech)

    Basically I used the Zmodeler brush (new in Zbrush 4R7) for the entire mech and then Blender for the UV mapping. After the "fun" times doing UV's I did send the mesh back Zbrush for details and polypaint using spotlight (that was really fun and natural to be honest). Once I finished the detail part I send a higher polygon version of that mech to Keyshot in order to get the final render.

    Reason why I spend time doing the UV in blender is because I want to send that mech to Unreal Engine... Was not really needed for the Zbrush/Keyshot part

    Thank you very much

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    Great Job!

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