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    Default SubTool Grouping Script Pack


    Handling huge number of subtools in Zbursh can be tedious. (It sounds like a bad tv commercial...)
    I stared to create a little subtool managemnet tool in my spare time. It's in a very early stage but I thought it might be useful for others as well.

    The current functions (In non alphabetical order):
    - groupVisible: puts a "Grp+Number+_" tag on the beginning of the subtools. If there are already existing groups, creates a nametag based on the biggest+1.
    - groupSelect: selects the group of the active subTool. (hides everything else)
    - inVis: flips the visibility on all subtools (little eye on SubTool menu).
    - setActiveGrp: creates an "Active Group" variable in the memory, so basically it remembers the last used group
    - groupAdd: sets the current subTool to be part of the Active group
    - groupCurrent: puts the active subTool in a new group, and sets itself as Active group

    So I can imagine two main usage:

    If you only want two groups, is like:
    1, make visible the subtools that you want in the first group
    2, hit groupVisible -> hit inVis -> hit groupVisible. Done, you have two main groups which you can switch with groupSelect
    (Better quality: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1S...ew?usp=sharing )

    The other one on based on multiple subtools:

    1, select the starting subtool
    2. hit groupCurrent (puts it in a group)
    3, select the other wanted subtools, and hit every time groupAdd
    4, hit groupSelect and inVis if you want them to be hidden and deal with the other subtools
    (Better quality: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1SQVaVS0WQVRlp1anVTcHJSTGc/view?usp=sharing )

    (Currently the script doesn't work if there are two or more subTools with the same name. But I made a name regulizer script too, so that's not much of a big problem.)

    You can download the package here:
    It's free

    Special thanks for Marcus and Nick Mill.

    This is the first version of the scriptpack, so it can buggy, please, let me know is something not working correctly. Hopefully I will release some of my other scripts later.

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    Very useful script. Thank you very much for sharing!

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    Default better solution

    Hey guys!
    Just wanted to say, that if you are using my grouping script pack, you should check it out the new ZSceneManager. I think it's a way better solution. It has a separate window, great features, etc.
    It uses the same solution, that I tried, but the implementaion and the whole thing is waaay better than mine.
    Check it out!

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    Default ZSceneManager plugin

    Thanks kmdani. (I'm the developer of ZSceneManager)

    I just want to add that there is a dedicated thread for ZSceneManager:

    And feel free to post any comments, feedback, questions and requests on this thread!
    *** ZSceneManager plugin *** (1.8 is released ! )
    (SubTool organizer in dedicated window, subtool Folders, Multi-SubTools sculpting/posing/painting, and many more...)

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