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    Default Mogami Sketchbook

    Hi, I'm Akihiro Mogami, Japanese Toy Sculptor.
     Last year, I happily get started using Zbrush , Keyshot and Photoshop.
    Digital attracted me just like Trad.

    Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoy my works.

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    your styles brings a fresh wind into all that mecha suit zbrush stuff.

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    In agreement with Jake, yeah, this is very fresh style indeed.

    The colors on this super suit are really playful and high contrast, which is uncommon, but welcomed.
    I have to be very honest on two things:

    - Use "Dynamic Subdivision" to your advantage. There are little gismos and details that would be clearer if you implemented DSub. What rad about the Keyshot bridge is that Surface Noise, Dynamic Sub, Nano & Array Mesh (basically, instanced geometry) can be instanced in zbrush, then easily ported to Keyshot bridge. For a render that is bridged (like if you just want a picture to show off) you do not have to always tick the "apply to geo" button. Just make the instance. Its like free smoothing, that is not too mean to your system's/workstation's resources.

    - The specularity and small refractions. I am assuming she is like a medical personal or a field medic character. So I understand the "data" that is flowing into the top of her helmet, she needs to be updated about the conditions of her patients and stuff like that. The impact of that get sorta lost with all the other refractions of the chrome details. Perhaps in the Keyshot, tweaking the ray bounce count or the source HDR (or lights) would allow you to keep the presentation of reflective chrome detailing, but allow the viewer to more easily interpret the form they contain.

    Oh and there is another thing that will help with that, if you "focused caustics" on, tweak the bloom and bloom intensity settings; it will keep the refracted lighting from making little pointed dots (if you dont want that), it will soften the refractions.

    Happy sculpting! I am anxious to see this model with a clay material as well, she is really interesting.

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    Thank you Jake and Takai!
    I will keep doing my best.

    Takai,Your Advice are really helpful for me.
    I'm not good at English,so can't express my thanks enough.
    I will try to follow your advice. and upload another shot soon, Thank you!

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    Default Space insect Samsa

    This is a model I sculpted few months ago.
    Recently, A company 3D-printed this one for me.
    And then I re-rendered with Keyshot.

    Thank you for checking my works :)

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    Smile "Marcil" From Kui Ryoko's comic

    My latest work "Wizard Elf Marcil"
    I convert the cover art of Ryoko Kui's comic "Dungeon-mesi (Delicious In Dungeon) vol.2" into 3D.
    I hope you like it, and highly recommend the comic.

    Kui's original art

    thank you for watching!

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    Smile "zwölt"

    I made a old kenner-like figure as present for my favorite toyshop owner.
    Package,Figure,Gun... I designed all of them with respect vintage figures.

    And yes, He was very glad about this present.

    thank you for watching.
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