Hey everyone.

I'm new here, and I've got a project that brings together alot of techniques I've learned from here over the months.

I've been asked to make the Tower Bridge in London over the next three days and thought it would be a good opportunity to raise my skills while giving others a start from scratch look at how it works.

About me: I'm moderately good at sculpting, retopo, exporting finished models to other programs. Never really tried too much architecture in ZBrush and still middle-learning hard surface modelling. I've always loved seeing awesome buildings made in ZBrush, but never had the opportunity until now to make one.

Hopefully, being new I can post pictures.

1. I've started the model in 3DS Max. I'm mainly concerned with the towers first. I'd like to lay in some windows. I could probably do this faster with Max, but I've seen people push them in with masking and edgeloops and then do a clean retopo in ZBrush.

Here is my starting Z topology:

What I'm going for is a sort of game look. I'd actually prefer not to model the panes, but instead just have it sculpted as one. I've seen many techniques, what's your favorite?

If this goes well, possibly I could raise out some of the blocks and decoration.

I can keep up with alot of advice, but also I'm sure I'll have lots of questions