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    Default Getting more detail into 3d scanned geometry for 3D printing

    HI forum,

    I'm considering my options regarding the above and ZBrush could be an answer.
    I have invested in a Structure Sensor 3D scanner which is a great little piece of kit but as its a basic hand held scanner the resolution is fairly low.

    I'm experimenting with scanning people head/shoulders and the starting geometry is this:

    so, my question is with photographic reference how would i use zBrush to increase detail.

    I'm wondering if there would be anyway to use a photographic image as a 'displacement map' to create additional detail in the mesh?

    Or would the only way would be to physically model the details?

    It doesnt have to be high definition, i'm just looking to achieve some more detail in the eyes and mouth areas especially.

    Any advise much appreciated



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    In this case you can add extra details with Zbrush. Unfortunately it's impossible to achieve better quality using sensor. I would add such details as eyes and lips physically. Displacement map... What are you going to use the model for? I recommend normal map fo really small details like skin texture.
    Also you can use photogrammetry to achieve more detailed results in a model. You can see the detalization it provides.

    Other way is to use professional 3d scanner. Examples of it's quality you can see here. This is the most expensive way, so professional scanners is for professionals.

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