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    Default Warrior, Portraits, Goblin... My works using ZBrush in the pipeline

    Hi there,

    It's good to be back to this great community after some years!
    Let me share with you some of my artworks that I didn't shared here at Zbrush Central before, where Zbrush was an important tool in the pipeline.

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    Awesome work man!

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    I already knew his work ... very good

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    Hi guys,

    Really thanks, glad you like it!

    In fact, all the works I posted here are kind of old, and I did them in my free time, after work. Just the Warrior Girl (the first work I posted here), I did it in 20 days in a row in my vacations time.
    I never worked full-time as character artist in my 12 years career in this business, until now. Since this month, August 2015, I started working full-time as character artist for my own, but doing everything according to a proper production pipeline (artworks assemble and production times), like I did it before, but once in a while, when I had free time to do it.
    Now since I'm doing it straight, with no interruptions, I hope to develop my skills, and I will post all my new artworks here at Zbrush Central.

    Thanks for your words guys!
    -Miguel Bernado

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    How did you make the topology and UV unwrapping? It looks very clean

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    Hi MrThomas,

    I do/did the topology doing retopology in Zbrush and the UVS in 3DsMax using a plug-ing called XRayUnwrap.
    Some topology of some stuff is straight modeling in polygons done from scratch.

    -Miguel Bernado

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