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    Default Creature Box Fan Art: Adventurers

    Here is my "Creature Box Fan Art: Adventurers" piece. I modeled, retopo'd, uv'd and textured everything using Zbrush, Maya, and Photoshop. Renders were done in both Marmoset and Vray. This project was a lot of fun and primarily used as a way to learn more about PBR and Vray, as well as, develop a better texturing workflow, which is why I rendered in both. While the textures and rendering were important for me to focus on, the sculpts were a blast to work on. I initially model Adventurer 1 and then used his basemesh and a few other pieces to start Adventurer 2. It was really fun trying out ways to push details, but keep that stylized feel to the models intact. I really love sculpting anything Creature Box related so these guys were so much fun to do. I feel there definitely things I could fix, but I am going to take that experience and apply it to future projects. I plan to have these guys rigged and hopefully I can start pushing more the facial forms through a few belnd shapes. Hope you all enjoy!

    Concept by: Creature Box

    Link to Artstation

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    Well done man .You should rig those guys .They would be hugely popular for animators .

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