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    Default Combing 3D technology with Bronze casting

    Combing 3D technology with Bronze casting

    With the help of 3D technology: 3D modeling and 3D scanning, it is possible to create really beautiful bronze sculptures.

    Below are a few photos showing the process we use.

    Basic process:

    1 3D modeling with Zbrush, Rhino or other software,

    2 3D print or CNC mill the model

    3 cast bronze.

    For more details on how to create bronze sculptures, Please visit us



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    Very cool. Are you able to give a ball-park figure for what it would cost a client to have you produce the male bull in the examples you've shown?
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    Default Dear Owen,

    A beautiful bit of casting on your part for the artist Paul Day.

    Just on a point of accuracy, all 3 of these cattle were first meticulously sculpted by hand in clay by Paul Day. We then scanned the clay originals which were then very slightly touched up in Z-Brush to produce coherent files which were then enlarged to the size requested by Paul for the masters to be CNC milled.

    Attached is a photo of us scanning the artist’s originals.

    It is not true to say that these cattle were modelled in Z-Brush

    Dear Francis,

    If you would like to commission a further copy of the large bull, I suggest that you look up and contact the artist Paul Day, who I understand is actively looking to produce editions.



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