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    Default CrazyMoon's Journey

    I'm new to this forum, so sorry if I mess something up!!
    I made a Boktai fanart (don't think many people know this game..) and wanted to share it here.
    Any critique or feedback is highly appreciated!!

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    Default Marionette Fanart

    I am currently working on the retrogasm art competition. I decided to bring Marionette from Vampire Hunter 2 into 3D. I'm going for a withered flower look. I want to make her look really sad because of her tragic backstory. Any feedback and comments are very welcome! Also sorry for the bad quality on the image... In the top left is the original version, from what I understand the original version has happy clothing and a sad expression. I wanna make both sad and really exagerate it.

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    Default The Huntress

    Haven't posted in a while over here, but decided to post this one. Hope you guys like her! I attached some of the High poly screengrabs in there as well. She was modeled purely in zbrush.

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    Some more pictures:

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    Default Maxim's Dragon

    Big fan of Maxim Verehin's work and really wanted to make something based off of one his concepts. I decided on the dragon he made a while back as I really like creatures / monsters. Sculpted in ZBrush, UV'd and retopo'd in Maya. Rendered in Redshift. Was my first time delving into displacement maps and that sort of rendering ><

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    Been a while since I last posted here. Having tons of NPR fun lately! Composited the passes in Photoshop Sorry for image heavy!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FinalIllustration.jpg 
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Name:	ZBrushViewport01.jpg 
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Name:	ZBrushViewport02.jpg 
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Name:	ZBrushViewport03.jpg 
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