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    Hello there, my names Mark, first time poster, been putting it off for….. Quite a while.
    There’s so much brilliant, and inspiring work on here, by so many excellent and talented artists, and I’m very
    happy to be evacuating my hard drive of a bunch of Works in Progress, some more done than others, some are nothing but quick sketches with future potential.

    Comments and Critiques always welcome, I've been in an art bubble vacuum so long I could use a fresh pair of eyes.
    So here we go...

    My first “serious” model, made for CGChannel's HeavyMetal Challenge in 2011. I thought if I can model the guitar to a decent enough level, the rest should be a walk in the park (kind of), being more comfortable with organic stuff than high solids. I was very pleased with it. Still no knee caps or elbows, and I don’t like the skulls eyes or nose, both too squished.
    Everything retopologised manually in 3DCoat.

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    Second attempt at a skull after the Reaper one, much more anatomically correct–ish.
    Should have put this on the Reaper model thinking about it now.

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    Quick single skull collage for fun. First image manually placed, second image scattered and splattered and a bit of manual placement. These are just for fun, I definitely want to do a "proper" version soon.

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    Old Man, aka - The Waiting,
    Tried (and failed) modelling the MegaDeth album cover. Will try again from scratch though.
    Elbow reference from my Father, thanks Dad.

    Head and necks not right....and other bits.

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    A model started years ago (and still not finished), part of a series of models I have planned for a collection called “Animators” or “The Animators” etc.

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    Done in Sculptris, took over to ZBrush.

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    Wanted to sculpt a Pharaoh cat. Pales in comparison to Taron's and some other one I saw somewhere, most prob on ZBC. Definitely have to sculpt another, soon.

    Made in Sculptris, the same time as BunnyWabbit, took into ZBrush.

    And a Dog_BigDawg, for good measure.Made years ago, German Shepherd-ish head with bulldog-ish body. Polypainted too, why didn’t I render that out? It ain’t finished anyway.

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    Cartoony Dino/Dragon thingy, heads too big and just wrong, needs re-shaping etc. Maybe a little set of wings too.

    Made for a CGCoach challenge a while ago.

    There's a little circle on his left side upper lip, that's where a hook should be, Obviously I forgot to unhide it before rendering.

    Fish_Finding Nemrod.... He was last seen swimming in the rivers of Babylon.
    One of my very first models inspired by Pixolators Angler Fish. My rubbish attempt lay dormant for years, then found it the other day and effortlessly pulled some shape to it in no time at all.

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    A shark with a big head, and a few scars. Re-Topo and UV's done in 3DCoat, Re-Projection and Polypainted (and rendered) in ZBrush.

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    One of my first models, Inspired by a timelapse video of someone sculpting a hoody bear in 3DCoat...I think.

    Snail shells have such a marvellous design, you think you know what they look like, but then you try modelling one and you have to take a closer look.

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    Mature Audiences

    Inspired by and too late for a CGHub halloween challenge, came in handy for ZBC halloween challenge though,
    2011 I think, yes my first model after HeavyMetal Reaper.
    A YouTuber quite rightly pointed out that she/it had no nipples, I think he said to another YouTuber, something like - "dude he forgot the nipples, lets thumbs down" to which I naturally LOL'd and ROFL'd uncontrollably all over the place (I dont really use Internet acronyms, but it was very funny) Although he did have a point, so, the boy in me has seen to put those parts right now, and it does look better.

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    Mature Audiences

    Very Wip

    Even more Wip

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    A Sound Gentleman,
    Inspired by Sir Humphrey and his chums in Yes Minister/Yes PrimeMinister.
    I plan to do a lot of these.

    The beard came later but the nose on that one was the first, it wasn't what I was after and realised later that it looked extremely suspect, so I gave him a snub nose.

    One of my first models recently found and pulled into a different head.

    Made years ago from vague memory as a child, I never had any myself but remember seeing them.
    I made it when the internet did not return many or any results on Madballs.

    Mech Helmets, and a Robot head.
    I have not done any high solids/hard surface Mech stuff but want to soon, so these are some doodles in preperation for it.

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    An extremely and purposefully quick rough head doodle for my fingerprints. (Thanks to Pablander and his amazing tutorial)

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