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    A broken metatarsal bone is limiting my love for running so I have more time to work on my portfolio. I do neglect my art a lot so here goes.

    The hair is a place holder

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    The great leader!
    nice work. I screwed my knee as well recently heh.
    My Internets Page - http://www.vfxforge.com

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    Placeholder or not, it looks more natural than his actual hair.

    Great likeness.

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    great likeness, very clean..and very well done. you should put a pint on top

    S K I N N Y B O N E Z

    "Hey, careful, man, there's a beverage here!" ~ The Dude.

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    - johnchen - Thanks. I can't wait for my injury to heal, its depressing not enjoying fresh air.

    - foxtrotzulumilkshake - You are mistaken is it real hair. He would never wear a wig lol

    - skinnybonez - Thanks. I have had one too many pints, I don't think there is enough room on his wig.

    Queen Elizabeth 1st, current work project, placeholer hair (again) Final model will be rigged

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    still work in progress. extra bits and bobs to attach
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    Default new wave retro project

    planning a full character.

    colour mood test with the grey scale

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    spent some more time on project. I have still got more detailing and fixes

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