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    Edit . so i decided to just change the topic to my work , i'll post everything i do here .. which is not a lot
    hey every1 , this is my first complete sculpt , hope u enjoy . i need some help with the painting and texturing part . i also used some premade stuff like the mouth , shoe, and the chain , which i think u'll recognize , i could've sculpted them myself but i tried to finish it as fast as i could so ...
    need all the advice and critics u've got please :X

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    so here is some other stuff

    this one is actually my grand mother ! i don't know if i should post her pic here ... !

    i cheated for the shoes .. so ... :P

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    the right hand on this one is awful ....

    i don't know if this is mature or not but this is some body painting i did , i don't know if they're good or not ...NSFW

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    here is some dragons i did using alphas ... the problem is they really don't like a dragon !

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    so i did more sculpts and i finally got a head that i like , hope u like it 2 . i created a few alphas for this one .

    this one was actually before the top one , just wanted to post it here , i have no idea what it is ! it doesn't look like a dragon at all ..

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    ok , here is 2 new heads , i didn't use any alphas on this 2 except for 1 , a basic one that comes with zbrush which is obvious on the second head. it feels like when u sculpt everything u get a better result and damn it feels good when u do it urself .

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    so i've been working on a full dragon and i just finished painting it , here it is . i've also sculpted another dragon which took me 2 and a half hrs and a vamp which was just an urge i got after watching the strain , it also took 2:30-3 hrs

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    concept :http://konstantin-vavilov.deviantart...gion-567450587
    i just couldn't resist this one it looks amazing in the concept , but well that didn't stop me from trying to create it .

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    taric , from league of legends ! lol here is the concept i found it on the web : http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.co...hmentid=181192

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    syndra from league of legends , here is the concept :http://indiron.deviantart.com/art/Fa...ndra-498109486

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    here is the swamp thing i sculpted , i actually like the grey color more than the painted one ! here is the concept : http://andybrase.deviantart.com/art/...-art-361472948
    it's not the same but ....

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    a knight perhaps ..

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    malthael . damn fallout is keeping me busy ... that;s why it took me so long ... reference : http://blondynkitezgraja.deviantart....hael-566679583

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    i know it's early but merry christmas every1 and have a wonderful new year .

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    don't have anything to say about this one .

    and well , this .... lady !

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