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    Default Jonatan Nunes -Sketchbook

    Hello everyone. Starting a sketchbook.

    first study:

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    The good guy.

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    Old barbarian

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    The Italian Stallion

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    Rocky update. I spent a few hours taking more references from different angles and made some adjustments in silhouette, especially in the zygomatic position, nose, forehead, opening, shape and position of the eyes. I was pleased with the head, may need to make a few adjustments. Then I will leave for the breakdown of the skin. I also did some testing with hair in Fibermesh but there is still much to be done.

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    This is the venom I got in another thread.

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    3d modeling in progress For Onanim Studio. Character Lucy Fernandes from Trajes Fatais.

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    Lucy Fernandez, model for 3D printing, based on the character from a indie fighting game Trajes fatais.

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    Default Guile Bust

    Hi guys. I started a Fanart series of Street Fighter character busts. This is the first one.

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    Default Guile bust final version

    Final version for printing.
    ZBrush BPR + PS Comp

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    Very nice rendition

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