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    Default Unseen Art - Mona Lisa

    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to share with you all some recent work which was created for Unseen Art. I'm really proud of the work I contributed to the project. They took what I made and created a life size 3D print for the visually impaired.

    "Re-create classical art paintings in 3D so that they may be touched and felt, both in exhibitions and in people’s homes."

    "Creating equal access for art globally is our passion and goal!"

    Please check out their website and support their campaign:


    A little blurb about what I did... Simply lined up to the painting in zbrush and sculpted from scratch. Some of their requirements were: only to sculpt what could be seen, and omit the painterly details. That meant I could not make up my own interpretation, I sculpted the forms as they were painted. I tried to keep as close to the painting as I could. Toward the end I used "La Giaconda" as some reference to make out what was going on in the very dark areas. "La Giaconda" is believed to be painted by an apprentice of Da vinci's, and so is the closest to the "Mona Lisa" I could find to creating an accurate digital representation.

    I hope you all enjoy it and show your support for the project

    Thank you!
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    Excellent! Really impressive and very interesting project.

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    Very cool project!

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    Thanks for the nice comments guys!

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