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    Default how can I do my own shortcuts?

    Hello! how can I do my own shortcuts in zbrush? I mean for the tools that could be so helpful thanks in advance

    Easy! http://docs.pixologic.com/user-guide...brush/hotkeys/

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    any way to projection master fade grow length ?

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    Default texture sets

    I was wondering if I can change the texture sets in Zbrush? When I make a fbx for substance painter, the texture sets say Material0, Material1, ect

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    Hi there! I've been following your zbrush tips channel for a couple of weeks (since I've started Zbrush!) and I've hit a roadblock- I can't find any help regarding a problem I have with my transpose tool! I've asked on Zbrush Reddit and they're stumped too!

    The white circle on my transpose line is stuck on align camera- as you can see in the image I've provided. I want it to centre to my geometry but it just aligns the camera instead! I've toggled symmetry, I've toggled local and local symmetry, pressed shift and ctrl and alt and all that to no avail! Do you guys have any idea what could be causing it? Thank you!

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    The feature you are looking for is for ZBrush 4R7. You need to upgrade to Zbrush 4R7 to have access this "center on selection" function. (Upgrade is free BTW)
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    Per one of the last videos, the one about disabling the quicksave functionality-
    yeah... that doesn't work. i followed the instructions given in the video (mind you, the values in my config were already set to 600, as i read this was the fix some time ago) mine continues to save and it's just plain maddening. i absolutely hate this feature.
    ...and while i'm on the subject of stuff that really irks me with zbrush- ever since i upgraded to 4r7, if the program is open, it suppresses my screensaver and won't allow my display to go to sleep, either.
    any help with either or both of these issues would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Please submit a Support Ticket for this. Thanks!

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    Default Regarding Flat Object when i open zbrush

    as per my attachment my object in zbrush is flat. its not showing any sculpting details or any colors or any matcap materials. please help me to solve this problem. thank you.
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    Default Polished mesh like that

    Hi I would like to know how to achieve that kind polished clean mesh of style.
    THX Jakub /Author of this sculpt isStefano Bernardi from gameHeroes of Lordran.
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    Default RGB Question

    Is there a way to disable the RGB channel for a large set of brushes without manually turning RGB off on each one?


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    Default Custom Menus

    When making a a custom marking menu is it possible to rearrange sub-palettes once they have been filled with buttons? The only thing I am able to do is rename the menu!


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    Default Spacebar Popup

    Is there a way to disable the Spacebar popup menu or possible remap it to a different key?


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    There is this #AskZBrush: “How can I make UI elements like the Brush and Stroke icons to be smaller?”, but the answer for this is not satisfactory, because the small buttons that the instructor suggests to put in the interface doesn't update... For example the small button that opens the brush pallet, the icon doesn't change if you choose another brush by opening the brush pallet through the "b" key shortcut.... So it's not the same..

    I hope you can understand my bad english..
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    Default Using Zbrush in Parallels and problems with a shortcut

    I am trying to use Zbrush in Parallels, the Mac virtual machine program that allows the use of windows programs on a Mac.
    When I try to use the standard shortcuts for hiding mesh (http://docs.pixologic.com/user-guide...sh-visibility/) they're not working. Parallels or the Mac or both don't seem to recognize the shift+ctrl+click combination. I can't find anything on changing that shortcut or making it work. Can you tell me what to do?

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    When I switching brushes alpha and strokes doesnt change,
    For example if I select standard brush and choose alpha and then I select Clay Buildup alpha remains from this standard brush and doesn;t change to default clybuildup's alpha
    but it is working properly , I want alpha and strokes to change every time I switching brushes

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    Default Assign Zoom-Scale hotkeys

    Maybe there is a problem with the Wacom driver (which is current)

    When I assign the plus and minus keys to my Cintiq "touch ring" nothing will occur when put into use.

    Assigning the bracket keys to touch ring works for changing brush size. (I mention this to confirm the touch ring is functioning with Zbrush)

    I've noticed that there are actually TWO different keyboard assignments for zooming/scaling. Using the plus and minus keys through the numeric keypad is one method. (num -, num + )

    The other method is using the "minus" key (located along the standard keyboard layouts top row near backspace ) will zoom out.
    Along the keyboard top row next to backspace using the equal (=) key zooms in.
    (In discovering this I am thinking that this is where Wacom is having trouble with its assignments.) I have tried assigning BOTH types ( -,= ) & (num +, num - ) into the Wacom tablet properties but neither works.

    So,.. Is there a way to reassign the Zoom in and Zoom out hotkeys ? (I am only guessing this could resolve this problem with the Wacom touch ring)

    Could you maybe cover this in your next Twitch Live. (I would attend but Mr.Drusts typical hours for this conflict with my own. So I can only watch the replays and saved videos.)

    Thank you


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