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    final shots of John Henry

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    Stranger Things fan art I made a few nights ago. I really dug the show.

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    trying something different and out of my comfort zone tonight. Some kind of cross between an orca and a lizard man.

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    So I tried challenging myself to do a monster sculpt every day this month. It's day 5 and I know I bit off way more than I could chew.
    The first 3 sculpts are pretty bad. I've spent anywhere between 2-4 hours on them and learned that and my concept skills need a lot of
    improvement for quick sculpts...and in general.

    For the worm sculpt, I used a concept I found on Pinterest and spent a lot more time on it. It was a lot easier for me this way as I
    didn't have to rely on design while sculpting at the same time. I will probably bounce back and forth between found concepts and
    my own designs for the remainder of the month.

    Also decided I'm just going to do monsters, mostly , for the month regardless of the day. For now though, I'm almost caught up with
    the days and will continue to try and sculpt one monster per day. If anyone has some tips or suggestions on how I can get better and improve I'm all ears.

    Here's a couple of sculpts from what I've done so far.

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    little fan art of Carnage. I always have fun creating symbiotes.

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    I like the atmosphere and color of your carnage ^^

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    Max777 - thanks for the comment and for stopping by

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    here's another symbiote .

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    Still trying to get better at modeling and designing creatures. It's been super rough...and tough.
    Initially, the idea was to sculpt a creature per day, but that ended up being to ambitious for my schedule.
    But I'm trying to push through doing at least 2-3 per week.

    Normally I just jump into zbrush and start sculpting whatever comes to mind.
    That's another thing I want to change during these "creatureDays"...my approach to a character or idea.
    I want to get back into the habit of starting with a small story first so that things are more clear during
    design instead of impromptu sculpting.

    Anyhow, here's a couple of sketchy concepts from last night. One male and female version.
    I kind of like the female at the moment and will probably push her design a bit further.
    If anyone wants to chime in and share their process, critiques, etc..I'm all ears.

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    another creature doodle. Hope to get in a few more of these before the end of the month. Then take a look at them all and hopefully take a couple to finished sculpts.

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    took the little pangolin like creature into photoshop for an illustration. Still exploring new methods, techniques, color palettes and stuff.

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    couple of wips going on at the moment.

    This one is a challenge a few coworkers of mine decided to start. Just something to keep the creative juices flowing.

    this one is a semi personal piece for a buddy of mine. We're looking to have a couple of his designs printed once I get them finish.

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    So I had to go through the process of making a tentacle brush for a student...and for myself. WAS.NOT.EASY. I've made curve brushes many times before..the last one being a brush for a xenomorph's tale...but after a short while of not creating them, you kind of have to get on that bike and learn balance again.
    Anyhow, my kids have been watching a lot of The Little Mermaid lately so figured I'd make Ursula for the tentacle brush test...plus i have a thing for the villains of stories. Did this during lunch...had a lot of fun with it. Concept is by Teratophile on deviant art.

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    little more progress on this today.

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    Calling this one done. Based on a concept by http://teratophile.deviantart.com/gallery/

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