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    Post Official Cubebrush News

    Hi everyone!

    Marc here, CEO of a new platform for artists - cubebrush.co!

    Some of you might already be familiar with it, but we launched just 2 weeks ago and it's been crazy. We've been able to gather a ton of awesome artists already and we are pushing hard to find more every day and improve on the new marketplace we just launched. I'll use this topic to update you on important news and feature releases.

    I'll also use this thread to gather your feedback and answer your questions if you have any! Hopefully we can help a ton of you either make a living, or find what you need to improve your skills or complete a project.

    That's our mission and we're looking forward to an amazing year 2016 filled with art.

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    We've started to publish interviews on our blog so I'll be updating this thread with each new one! We get to chat with some really impressive guys so hopefully you find this as interesting as we do!

    Here are the few we did so far, let me know what you think!
    Featured Interview: Chung Kan

    Featured Interview: Pawel Lyczkowski

    Featured Interview: Bastien L. D.

    Featured Interview: Stan Prokopenko

    Featured Interview: Huseyin Bulut

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    Hey guys, we're happy to say Cubebrush will be sponsoring The Game Challenge 2016! Participate for a chance to win some crazy prizes and a ticket to IFCC!

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    Cubebrush Now Officially The Cheapest Platform To Sell On!

    We've been working on some cool stuff over @ Cubebrush and today's announcement should be especially exciting for sellers.We've just changed our fee structure pretty drastically and even though the chart below is pretty biased, you can tell at a glance that it's a good time to be selling on Cubebrush!

    Check out the full articleabout it for all the details!

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    Dropbox Is Here!

    One particular feature that has been requested times and times again since we launched 2 months ago is the ability to save and upload content to/from Dropbox.

    Today we're introducing the first phase of our integration with the option to save your purchased/free products directly to Dropbox!

    The second phase will be to allow sellers to upload their products from Dropbox and it should be available in the coming days.

    Save space on your hard drives, use Dropbox!

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    Here's just a summary of just some of the new features since my last post, you can click each of them to learn more - didn't want to create a monster post with all the info but if you'd prefer that, let me know.

    Sales & Coupons


    Send discount to followers


    Marmoset viewer on forums

    Wishlist - Collections


    "Share your code with your friends — When they redeem it they will get 20% OFF their first purchase and you will get 10% OFF your next one!"



    As you can see, we've been busy! There's obviously a lot more smaller features and improvements I skipped over but here's a few good ones you can expect by the end of the year:

    • Homepage revamp/better category browsing
    • Private messages (testing phase)
    • Blog revamp + guest posting
    • Import followers
    • Wide display responsive layout
    • mobile version (by the end of the year)
    • gift feature

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    Private Messages

    Hey guys, pretty excited we just launched our Private Messages 1.0 feature.

    You will now be able to contact sellers directly with questions and keep track of conversations as well as discuss privately with other users on the forums.


    Don't hesitate if you have questions or feedback!


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