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    Thanks Knacki. Very little free time to open up Sculptris anymore, but it's still too much fun to not open up from time to time.

    Though I doubt that too many others will be here to remember the fun October can be, I thought I'd still add a quick image to start it off anyway.

    Adding in some kind of blinded monk (minus all the robes, etc.)

    Something quick, but a bit lighter

    Got to have an alien in there.

    Another quick one for tonight.

    Kind of a simple goblin thing.

    And another one.

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    Guess I edited that last one a few too many times as the edit option is no longer available anymore. Here's a bit of a quick one. Certainly didn't come out all that great, but here it is anyway...lol.

    The Pygmy Andarell

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    Thumbs up

    They're great!

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    Thanks maciej. Been a while since you've been around.

    While I've been working on a couple of other models, I needed a bit of a break from them. So I decided to create a quick model based off of a sketch that I made for my son to color in yesterday.

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    That's a cute pig!

    Your son will be happy
    Great work on all of them.
    Haven't touched sculptris way to long.

    Btw. Tartan told you the master of sculptris and he is quite right in this.
    We are meeting at taron's verve forum.
    It's such a friendly and responsive small community there.
    Maybe you wanna join with some paintings or talk?
    Verve is as amazing for painting as sculptris was for sculpting those days.
    Really worth a try.
    Maciej, would be a blast to see you there as well.

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    Damn, I forgot all about that program. It was the last one I got before my last laptop went out on me. I only got to play with it a couple of times. It was awesome back then, I can only imagine what Taron has done with it since then. Before I go to sleep, I'll be downloading it again though. I'll definitely be by there as well to display my beginner paintings...lol. Can only be a good place to be with a few from this forum frequenting there.

    Was in a little bit of an alien sketching mood.

    Quick dwarf without the beard. Just from Sculptris instead of painted.

    Came back from work and I figured I'd give him a simple paint job. Here he is out of Sculptris.

    And the render from Blender Cycles (though I realized afterwards that I completely forgot the bump map for the face). I also realize that I need to understand the focal length difference as well.

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    Inspiring work!

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    Thanks dAnim8or.

    Not a lot of time lately, but I wanted to go back to Halloween time again. And again I forgot something. The tongue this time. Oh well.

    And a quick one for tonight.

    Figured I'd color him in. Not a fan of the brush that I had for fur. Might be something fun to create a better one eventually.

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    Sporky, those are great!
    Last one super cute
    verve has some awesome brushes for hair & fur, btw.
    And you can export the bump map from verve as well
    You just need a decent UV unwrapper. Blender isn't that bad in it, isnt it?

    Frenchy, taron & tartan freaked out when I said you pissibly stop over.

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    Never did learn how to do that in Blender. And I knew that I was forgetting something. I did download Verve, I just need to open it up. Holidays kind of got in the way. I'll be trying it out as soon as I paint this last one. Just wanted to create an insect for some reason

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    Had a bit of time finally to open up Sculptris again for a quick sketch. Not sure what happened after the Windows update, but I now no longer have access to the materials in "Paint" mode (they still work just fine in sculpting). Haven't exhausted all possibilities yet, but I can now change the light point with the "I" button combined with the direction of the mouse cursor...lol.

    Made a slight adjustment to the field of view in the camera to more closely approximate the Sculptris view in Blender finally.

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    Sporky, old sculptris master.
    Again this is a very impressive sculpt!
    Really well done.

    What about stopping by at verve forum....we are waiting
    You are a blender render guru, aren't you.

    Look what one can do with a verve painting exporting the bumps to blender:

    Keep it coming.
    As sculptris is now implemented in zBrush, I am thinking frequently about old days

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    Made a slight adjustment to the field of view in the camera to more closely approximate the Sculptris view in Blender finally.
    How did you manage to make it so realistic?

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    Hey, I actually did a couple of quick sketches in Verve a few months ago. Got a little busy for a while there (and my laptop was elsewhere for a bit). Now that I'm back on it, I'll have to post them. As for Blender, I'm still using the same set up for planes. I almost have no clue about the rest of Blender. That is actually pretty awesome what he did though. Would make for a great combination with a 3d print.


    I'm not too sure about the evolutionary pathways that would have spawned such a combination of physical traits...lol. But, anything is possible. I'm guessing that you are referring to the Blender set up though. One thing that helps is to break up the sculpt into parts before sending them separately into "Paint" (for this sculpt: Head, Eyes, and Horns).

    Had to go searching for my old thread and find what I was looking for. I had explained a while ago all of the settings that I used (with a quick image of the windows) that might help to explain the set up in Blender. I think that for this one I changed the roughness level on the Glossy node to somewhere between .45 and .5 for the skin so it wasn't as glossy as previous sculpts. It's slightly different when I do most other eyes as I use a secondary sphere around the eye to simulate the lens with a mix node combining a transparency and glossy node whereas this one just used the diffuse with the image texture and the glossy.

    Here's the link to that old thread. Should be the first post on that page.

    Also, one other thing that I have done on some of these last sculpts is to take it into any image editing software that you might have and increase the saturation levels slightly. Blender tends to mute the colors considerably when the render comes out. There's likely ways to correct it inside of Blender, I just don't feel like spending the time to look it up.

    Hope that helped if that was what you were looking for.

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