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    Default Free ZSCENEMANAGER plugin

    Ok found this great tool and iv not seen anybody else share it so ill do it. Im sure its been posted but i searched and nothing. So here is the url.. He is giving away the free ver for now. You will be able to buy pro ver soon when its final. This is the Authors site you can grab the free ver from this one. http://exoside.com/zscenemgr/zscenemgr-download/. Iv used it and its great. The free ver has some functionality missing but still worthy of your attention

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    Probably a "must have" plugin. It is surprising that Pixologic has not implemented so needed functionality.

    I find great that it is a floating window independent of the Zbrush interface. This allows to use the second monitor for it.

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    Thanks, Anthony. I just tried it and it works great. The free version works with 25 subtools, I think that's pretty generous... I agree that something like this was very demanded and needed and it should have been added by Pixologic.

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    I'm the developer of ZSceneManager.
    I just want to let you know that I made my own thread for ZSceneManager:
    Thanks for your comments.


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