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    Default my new Mold3D Printing

    Proud of myself! Modeled in zbrush4r7. The last two pics are what it will look like after printed!

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    As somebody asked how I make the "castle"..I write some thing below, hope it can help you. I really need a blog where I can write process along with pictures........
    1.find my phototype (picture 1)
    2. start modeling. the house has several difficult parts which you need to deal with. window is the first. I stated with a circle(pic 2 pic3).Then I used align in zmodeler to change the bottom half of the circle into straight lines that parallel with each other(pic 4 pic 5). then you need to adjust the bottom lines to make it looks like a window. qmesh, crease and this is what it looks like. (pic 6)
    3. the second difficulty is partial zremesher(pic 7 pic 8). this is what it looks like after I used the brush(pic 9 pic 10)

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    cool house.

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