Hey Folks! First time post on Zbrush Central, as well as my first time back in Zbrush in a long while.
I started this mask last night as a speed sculpt. When I was younger I was a big fan of the band Slipknot and I thought their masks were really creepy and cool. After opening up Zbrush to sketch a bit, I put on an older Slipknot album and it made me think it might be cool to try to sculpt the mask of Corey Taylor, the singer, before the album was over. I ended up getting pretty far with the main part of the mask in the 80 minute album, but there were no details like the cords and staples and buttons, so I added those and some more finer details on the mask after another hour or so of work.

It was a great way to work for me. The idea of a speed sculpt got me to sit down at my computer and just to mess around, and then by the time my speed sculpt duration was supposed to be over I had gotten "into the zone" and I really wanted to keep working.

These are still a WIP as I'd like to retopo and create displacement maps and texture maps. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for welcoming me to the forum.