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    Default ZBrushing in VR!!

    I really hope Zbrushing in VR will become possible one day soon. If not full on VR sculpting, then at least the ability to jump inside a sculpt and inspect and make tweaks. I think this is the way of the future and the folks over at Epic have demonstrated what this might be like. Check the link here:


    I'm interested to hear what the ZBrush community thinks of VR and how it might be used to stimulate the creative process. I know from my personal work how satisfying it feels to work with my hands in the real world as apposed to starring at my artwork through a glass window everyday. This type of hands-on experience might be realized in VR enabled software with the right kind of UI! I can just imagine assembling and transforming subtotals, creating zspehere armatures and posing characters directly with my hands/touch controllers. I'm sure Pixologic is way ahead in their exploration and research! Or we can at least hope so!

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    Tablet, pen, glass window VS awkward dizzy land, I'll stick with my old school setup. Could be useful in environment & set work work where the POV is relevant. -S

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    Haha, yes! I'm sure many creative productive people like yourself might anticipate VR to be an 'awkward dizzy land', but many traditional sculptors of clay, wood and stone probably thought digital sculpting would never become a natural and expressive medium. Its certainly true, that current VR might feel a bit awkward and dizzy, but rapid advances are being made in HMDs, 3D input controllers and VR UIs. Its only a matter of time until they gain the feeling of precision and stability that artists require to feel comfortable using in their craft. I remember how the innovations of Pixologic over the years has turned mechanical 3D modeling into a truly expressive medium for artists. They worked very hard to build the right kind of sculpting UI with beautifully rendered feedback. I imagine the innovation happening over at Epic and Unity, will spill over into mainstream content creation tools like Zbrush and Maya, and will eventually become the preferred way of working! But never the less what you said remains true for now, but I'm sure, not for long!

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