Andre Dixon asked me to do a concept and the final model for his Technopolis T.V. series pilot and that's the result .

For this one I started doing a rough 3d sketch in zbrush. My initial idea wasn't what he had in mind but it was a starting point to iterate on. We exchanged ideas and references based on with I did a second sketch that was approved.

After approving the 3d sketch I used decimation master and exported it to 3D Max where I did some re-topology, remodeling and refining. Unwrap was used to open the uvs and the textures was painted in photoshop. The final render was done in v-ray. In the end I did some backgrounds, color correction and lens flares using after effects and photoshop.

Andre wanted the final model in maya so had to export it all and redo my v-ray settings.

That was a very fun project to work on, hope to see him on screen soon.