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    Default Creature Design 2015

    Hey guys
    This is the first time I share this one on this forum.
    It was the first time I completed a creature design from concept to finish.
    I did this one last September 2015

    Please let me know what you think, I would love to have some feedback either technical or aesthetic
    I am about to start a new piece soon, and I would love to know what I can improve on

    Thank you!

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    Default Cool design

    I think it was really cool....cheers...

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    Default Suggestions

    I suggest you should make this creature a turtle..from a scientific point of view, i think it was biologically unnecessary for a aquatic creature to have a fish tail and hand and arms at the same time...really no offence...its just a suggestion.still very cool

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    Yeah you are right.
    This is the kind of element I just made to make him look like a semi aquatic creature that could also go outside and terrorize villages haha.
    But yeah the turtle shell could have been nice. Thanks for the input man !


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