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    Default Gilberto Magno - Workshop Student's Gallery

    Hello everyone! Along 2 years I have dedicated many hours of my days for my workshop since 2014, creating videos tutorials about Game/Cinematic characters and live classes.

    Those workshops were only in portuguese but now I started English Classes too. It's very gratifying to me see most of my students keeping the focus and dedication on the way.

    For this, I'm opening this thread to invite all students of my workshop to share with us their works. And Zbrush has been very important as main software used in the class.

    Thank you very much to Pixologic for this space and you guys for all support and your time!

    You can check the workshop page over here:


    GMagno - portfolio

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    Default Lynx girl

    I'm proud to be part of this gallery!
    The workshop was amazing and super helpful, made my workflow a lot faster and cleaner.

    Gilberto is an excellent teacher with powerful knowledge.
    If you have the chance, take this workshop, you won't regret

    Here's the model I worked on during my time in his workshop.
    It's based on Kim's concept ~> https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1205_-bashousen-lady

    Hope you all like it!

    Bonus! You can check her in Marmoset viewer here ~> https://www.artstation.com/artwork/L42OK

    André M. N.

    3D Character Artist

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    hey everyone,
    here is the model i did during gilberto magno´s workshop
    i would like to add some words of praise about gilberto magno
    his dedication and patience to pass his knowledge and help out is outstanding
    highly recommend this workshop to anyone

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    I'm also on that amazing gallery! Trust me guys, if you want to evolve as an artist, there's no better way than joining one of Gilberto's Workshops. This is the character I did during his WS for Games. I hope you guys like it!

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    Hi guys!

    It's really great been part of this gallery.
    In 2015 I made this workshop with Gilberto Magno, and was a wonderful expirience.
    It's amazing learning from people that you admire and see how dedicate they could be to their students.

    Gilberto was an excellent teacher. Helped me to improve my work and I can only thanks for that attention.

    If you're looking for a good workshop, here is my suggestion!

    Here is a character that I did after the workshop.

    I hope you like it:

    You can also check his marmoset viewer HERE

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    Hello everione!!
    I made this workshop and was awesome!
    Gilberto is an amazing teacher and a good friend!!
    I advise everyone to do the workshop!

    My artistation

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    Awesome student's art Gallery from Gilberto Magno's workshop! Congrats to all artist!
    I'm happy to be between such awesome and very talented artists around.
    I did this 3D Knight in 2014 during Gilberto's workshop, it was an amazing experience and I've learned so much since then. I totally recommend Gilberto Magno's workshop if you have a chance.

    * 3D Kinight is based on concept art of Riiick.

    You can check more of my creation process and breakdowns in my portfolio.

    Real-time model

    High-poly model (done mainly with Zbrush)

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    Yo guys! Great thread Its great to see all the artworks from all the students here!

    I've did the workshop with Gilberto back in 2015, it was a great experience and I've learned a lot, he was such a great teacher and have a lot of great approaches for modeling and texturing. I recommend for everyone interested in learning the way in the 3D world.

    This piece I've done after I finished the workshop but using a lot of the teachings of the workshop, and always going back to the resources Gilberto gives to us all.

    TairoW - 3D Artist


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    Hello all! This is my character developed during the workshop of cinematic by Gilberto Magno. During the class we learn about the pipeline creating of the large studios of industrie. It´s amazing and highly recommended workshop!

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    Default Choper - Renan Menendes

    It was a honor to take the Gilberto Magno's Workshop.
    He is a excelent teacher, with bad jokes (haha) and also its a very nice person.
    I recommend if you want to grow up in Character Design!
    Here is my project:

    My Artstaion Profile: https://www.artstation.com/artist/renanmenendes
    Choper Link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oWBnk

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    Cool oni 鬼

    Daaaamn lots of awesome results for this workshop!

    I'd like to take this chance and show you all a model I did after Gilberto's workshop.
    I was able to do it waaaay faster and a lot cleaner, also giving me some spare time to try out new techniques and tools such as Marvelous Designer and Quixel Suite!

    More shots and Marmoset Viewer here ~> https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BvAk6

    André M. N.

    3D Character Artist

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    Character i've done during the workshop (:
    Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/leorezende
    ~ Available for Freelance work ~

    Portifolio ~ https://www.artstation.com/artist/leorezende
    Email ~ Leorezende95@Hotmail.com

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    Thumbs up

    Holdeen's - Gasse

    I made this character during the Gilberto Game workshop.
    This was a very difficult concept, but Gilberto encouraged me to do it.
    I obtained a very satisfactory result, and my evolution was evident.

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    Thumbs up

    Cirilla - witvher 3

    I made this character during the Cinematic workshop.
    This is a re reading of the Cirilla character Witcher 3 game.
    Modeled in Zbrush, texture on Substance Painter and rendered in V-ray.

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    Default EMMA - Real-time


    Hello everyone,
    Here is the model that I made with conhecinento I learned in the workshop Gilberto magno.
    Gilberto is a great teacher, with great dedication and patience encinar.

    Thanks Gilberto,
    Highly recommended.

    Leandro Jorge

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