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    Default 3D Scanned Textures

    Ok long time no post , so i have to make up for it now. I wish I had more, but there is many things already finished and in the works so will post more soon.

    Recently finished working with the legendary R.Moggach (http://moggach.com/) on a soon to be released project. Cant wait for that to come out should be great.

    So recently Ive been working on photogrammetry for 3D textures. Cant wait to show more of the finished results. Here is a pic of some paving stones inside Agisoft Photoscan... The Detail is INSANE. (like at the speck of dust type detail....)

    Will post the final result as soon as its ready.

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    Impressive work!
    I particularly like that goliath beetle.

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    Erik Heyninck: Thanks dude!

    Here are some previews of a 3D scanned Woodland Floor Texture I'm developing.

    More soon

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    another forest floor type texture.

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    And here is some beach 3D Scanned Texture WIP.

    Different things coming soon i promise .

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    looks like the real thing

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    Been a long time, been busy working on some freelancing stuff.

    Heres a little bust that I've been harbouring on the HD for a while now. Thinking about getting it 3d printed. Shapeways maybe... we will see.

    Gotta finally get round to building those scan textures etc....soon soon. Also thinking about starting a zbrush world tour of all cultures sculptures feel free to join in.

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    Default Human Eye

    Here is a Human eye.

    32bit EXR Textures. (Iris texture from texturing.xyz.)
    Linear workflow
    Modelled in Zbrush, Maya,
    Textured in Mari, Photoshop.
    Rendered with Renderman For Maya.
    Comped together in Photoshop.

    thanks for stopping by.

    Osiris: Thanks! appreciate it.

    Here are some shots under different lighting conditions.

    comments welcome.

    see ya soon

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    Wow, that is one of the best CG eyes i have seen. Cool

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    Default Salamander

    osiris128: Thanks a bunch man, much appreciated.

    This little guy been hanging about on my hd for a long time. Decided to give him a little air. Cant wait to texture and build a scene for this guy.

    And also here is the frog in a resting pose. Deformation worked good boss .

    Might take some time to get round to this one.

    see ya later

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