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    hello everyone

    so here is my first post on this forum. I am somewhat new to the Zbrush. Have been using it now for a couple of weeks actively and before that just for some small tweaks at work.
    Recently I have been diving more into it and have to say, just feels great. I am what would you call 3d generalist and modeling is a big part of my work but always wanted to get more involved with sculpting. First bigger project so to say, was and entry for a game challenge couple weeks ago, and that was big step with zbrush for me and learned a lot.

    After that there was this guy:

    I will continue to practice and hopefully get better. Also, want to say that is great to become a part of this great community.

    C&C as always wery welcome.

    Thanks for having me.


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    Impressive result considering you've been using zbrush only for a couple of weeks. Welcome aboard.

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    Thanks a lot man.. I am doing my best at this point

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    So the next one was this dude. He is visitor 32. Previous alien dude was lonely and wanted a friend so I made him dis

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