Ravan/Ravana, the king of Lanka is considered as a villain in an Indian Mythology Ramayana. However he does have many amazing attributes to his personality. This I felt he would be a great character to explore for the challenge. The mythology depicts him as a king with 10 Heads and I wanted to tackle this concept by making a throne part of his character which symbolized different personalities through the expressions. I also wanted to make the throne a living statue with 10 heads and 20 arms almost replicating Indian statues that you may find in the temples.

The original concept was done by the amazing Mukesh Singh. You can check out his works here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/XB2vR


If you would like to check out the Working thread on polycount click here

Basically, this character was entirely sculpted in Zbrush and shall upload more work in progress shots later. Shall also include some construction shots along with it. He was textures and rendered inside Substance painter using its Iray Renderer.

Hope you like the work.
Thank you