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    Hey I'm Shawn Wiles and had a great time with this class. Has really helped me to learn to love the process and have better flow when posing and modeling forms. This sculpt is based on a Carlos Huante concept.

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    Hello everyone! I'm Carol Cornils (3D Artist at Behaviour Interactive, Santiago) and this is the Sphinx that I modeled for the last run of Gio's class. It´s based in a concept from Lissa Treiman.
    I had a great time working on it!
    The class is intense, focused on art and the personalized feedback is great. I'm very happy with the results and the huge boost it meant for me.
    Hope you like it!

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    Default Vladimir Silkin - Heat3d

    I'm Vladimir Silkin! I'm an 3D Artist at Plarium.
    I was one of the student on Gio's 2016 course. It was really fascinated and cool time. I wanna to say huge thank's to Gio and I would like to share with you my artwork wich I did during this amazing course.
    Based on the original concept by Marvos Thanatos (Anastasios Gionis).

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    Default My creature for Gio's class

    Hello all,
    I was also part of this amazing class. Everything from teaching to feedback was spotless; I highly recommend it.
    It was also great to see everybody grow through the weeks.

    Here is the creature I designed and sculpted during the course of the class:

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    I really enjoyed learning from Gio and seeing all the great work the other students were putting together. I had the option of using some great concept art to use for my final model but instead, I chose to go with an original design. This is the result. Thanks to Gio for the amazing learning opportunity and to Pixologic for showing such support of us!

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    Default my entry for Mastering organic modellint

    Hey guys, here is my entry, a little late as usual. Unfortunately things got busier while doing the course and I couldn't finish my model at the level I wanted, but here is what I got so far..
    Thanks Gio for all the tips, insights and the course, It was an honor!
    The model is based on a sculpture by Thomas Klueber.


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    Fantastic class... highly recommended. Sculpture based off a Carlos Huante concept... Thanks again Gio.

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    Hi friends, here is my sculpt for Gio's class, but unfortunately could not finish my model and take it to a nice refined state as i wished for, i'll do it soon...here is my sculpt so far, concept by alex chen...
    Thanks so much Gio for all the wonderful lessons, knowledge, tips and techniques you have shared with us...its amazing and an honour...

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