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    Default cricket journey

    hi guys.
    this project i have made for Artstation Challenge.
    sculpt and render keyshot. feel free to leave comt or crits. thanks

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    Hi man ,

    Great design !

    Just try to add little more detail on the bag

    But It is already nice

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    This is what I really like about ZBrush -it gives great designers like you the power to bring your creations to life. I am very much into this creature because of the way you melded an insect with an anthropoid. It is an insect standing like a man and it has a realistic look to it...very cool.

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    Default update

    @ max777 Thank you for you suggestion. but finally a decided to remove the bag.(a little lazy here )
    @regmonroe: thanks. yes. this is reason why i love zbrush too. zbrush has changed my life.

    final render in mamoset toolbag 2

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    Yeah great color on your cricket

    Your background deserved more work I think ^^

    Later man

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