Hi guys. Iv got a problem that is doing my head in. i wonder can anybody clear it up.
Now im working on some portraits. IV got a load of images/ a few from the side
but when using one image or the other. stuff keeps being in diff locations, so i knever know
which one to go of. say its the side of the head. the ear placement can be high or low.
its driving me nuts. Here iv got a pic to show the problem. 3 side views that all look
more or less the same but look at the ears. though the profile lines up more or less the ears. there is
like an inch or so diff. check this image. Is there anyway i can fix the images to get the real proportions ?
is it the focal length that distorts the photos ? whats the best thing to do when your wanting refs for portrait work ?
do we have to ruff guestimate it ?
cheers guys i really help somebody can shine some light on the problem. using spotlight to get my meshes right
starts to be a pain. when you use a diff image then move stuff around. only to go back to another image and my model
is off. its a constant problem for me.