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    Thank you guys, I am glad you like them !

    @ kingsleywong, Great that you like the short backstory! Actually there will be a hole Sci-Fi novel to it! A friend of mine is writing it at the moment and I am the co author and designer of all the content.
    All the designs you can see here and in the future are integrated in the story . I am working now on a project page, where you will see also my Alias models (9 so far) and some more stuff

    And you guys will see more, promise

    Cheers and thanks again!

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    Default More Creatures and some Characters

    Hey guys, it´s been a while since my last post. I was working mostly on my hard surface designs in Alias but now is almost everything finished.
    If you like, just have a look at my freshly started homepage...

    Anyway, I was doing as well some more creatures (some do still need a bit of refinement) and my two main characters from the novel I am working on together with a friend.
    The Characters are Niefa Odell and Astian Vay (Vay still needs a face ; ) ), the most important thing was the suit design itself for me. I tried to keep is as simple as possible,
    I am not a big fan of over styled things ; ). The suit itself is made out of NAMEC material which is a nanorobotic material which can glue itself together, mimic the environment,
    controlling the temperature, and soften and harden itself (it becomes bulletproof in a way).

    The creatures random, some herbivore and some carnivore, some bigger some smaller : ), I am still missing four creatures from the story.
    After that I will start colorize everything.

    I hope you like them, comments are more than welcome : )

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    Your designs are amazing! Such a pleasure to watch. So different.
    It really made me think "What if god had worked in automotive industry before?"
    Than I started to collect all my knowledge about animals and animal shapes as they are existing on earth.
    Can't remember seeing this sharp defined streamlined edges, this very smooth, almost fully flat skin on terrestrial animals.

    This is where my thoughts were at the crossroads. Does it necessarily have to be according to what is everyone is used to? Would I even write something, if you would have gone the "average" way? Probably not.
    But still I can't stand to like your sketches more, as they give me the freedom to implement all my "average" mind. To add more wrinkles and less streamlined edges, as I am used too.
    And I am struggling with myself, if that is good or not?
    But then I started to go further. Started to think about the planets conditions maybe making exact these streamlined edges and smooth skin necessary.

    One can say a lot, but apart of other amazing work I have seen here on ZBC, yours is absolutely outstanding and highly professional.
    From design to finished product is your daily business and it is such a pleasure to see this in every single step you do.

    Congrats, and thank you for sharing. You have been on top row already, wouldn't be surprised if I will find this set of your work again up there

    EDIT: These suits are brilliant! Much more logical and economic and therefore believable.

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    Really lovely designs, some quite inspirational to look at.

    Great stuff!!!

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    Love the whole aesthetic. The geometric style, the aerodynamic slickness to it all. So pleasing. Amazing creations. Post more!

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    Wow!! I love that you're just going right for it with the shapes! You've got some really cool stuff here!

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