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    Hi, I made fan art piece for Nick Park’s upcoming film “Early Man”. All modelled with zbrush! Pretty much everything is made with dynamesh. The hair and fur is fibermesh that I imported directly into maya with goZ. I found this to be great for a quick turnaround. Rendered with Redshift

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    Great character!! the other views are pretty funny to see how it is setup...did that mess with the way you sculpted it?...(in your mind i mean...since it was really only for that one viewpoint for the final image) great job!

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    This is great! I'm a newbie to ZBrush. My background is in contemporary painting (weird hyperrealism type stuff). As with your example here, I've been experimenting with cartoon elements from the 2d world and trying to realise them in 3d while keeping the charm of the flatness. You've done that very well.
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    skinnybonez: Thanks! Really glad you liked it! Sculpting this style is quite straight forward I think, except that you can't use symmetry of course I find it helps a lot to do a 2d sketch first, it's just faster to explore design choices as it is so based on shapes. This character is a play balancing triangles and squares. F ex. the body itself is as triangle, so is his jaw, ear, arm, nose etc.

    COYOTE: Thank you so much I also started with classical drawing, I really loved it. If you are looking for some good lectures on cartoony design check out Steven Silver's stuff, highlt recommended.

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