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    Default RECAP: ZBrush Summit 2016

    Thank you to everyone who made this year's ZBrush Summit such a terrific success!

    14 Amazing Presentations by Prominent Studios and Artists.
    6 Sold Out Onsite Workshops
    24 Artists Competing in the Live Sculpt-Off
    2 Big Product Announcements: ZBrushCore and ZBrush 4R8
    2nd Annual ZBrush Awards

    The event was watched live from around the world with people from 196 countries tuning in!

    You can watch the recordings of the feeds with these links:

    In this thread there will be posts by artists who were involved in the presentations as well as videos showing the highlights from the various LiveStreams. Check back often to see what's new. Or better yet, subscribe to the thread!

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    Default Here's some of the work I presented:

    Peter Konig

    Here are some frames from the Robot demo I did at the Summit:

    Rough sketching, combining a few rough bot heads into one

    Adding parts, still rough, smacking it all together...finding forms etc

    cleaning up, still figuring out how it all goes together...

    making a couple custom parts using Zmodeler

    Kit bashing pre-made parts with the hand sculpted stuff

    Bringing into Keyshot, rendering multiple material passes

    Photoshop pass, stacking different material renders, starting to paint layers in
    and out using layer masks

    Erasing one material to reveal the one underneath

    painting scratches, cleaning up details

    Final image, all tidied up.

    Made this image in two evenings so maybe 8 or 9 hours
    (once the initial head sketches where combined)

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    More to come....

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    Default Brett Briley: 2nd Place Organic Sculpt Off 2016

    I wanted to share my piece I did for the Zbrush Summit Sculpt Off 2016! It was definitely an intense time, and was very honored to place 2nd on the Organic side of the competition. Below is the final image we had to create in 3 hours, along with my process in preparing for the event. Thank you very much for looking, and any comments are always appreciated

    Brett Briley

    Final Image in competition.

    Concept for the competition.

    UI setup for the competition.

    Insect sheet for the competition.

    Insect tube sheet for the competition.

    Character Sculpt sheet for the competition.

    Character Paint sheet for the competition.

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    Default Creature Paintover Demo

    Here's another image I broke down at the Summit.

    Super rough zbrush kitbash

    Starting to edit the image, moving things around..

    Blending in Photoshop, cutting and pasting to improve the design

    Paint over continues, refining shapes...

    Adding detail, refining more...

    Painting in rim lights ...

    Background and finishing touches and ta-da!

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    Brett, you were robbed, btw.

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    Default Lucas Hug - Zbrush Sculpt-Off competitor

    I had the pleasure to participate at the Zbrush Live Sculpt-Off.
    My computer did crash, but I had the chance to redo it with group 2.
    Such a great experience and it was amazing to meet the artist that are my inspiration.

    Here is the picture I submitted :

    And there the highpoly in Zbrush :

    If you have any questions let me know!

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    Default Joe Menna's Sculpting for Toys and Collectibles Workshop

    Here are some images of the work that I demonstrated for and worked side by side with the students of my workshop. First is the breakdown of an articulated action figure model (on one half).

    Next is a Cthulhu bust sculpt that needs to be split up into parts in order to be manufactured.

    Next is the model as we split it up in class into separate parts. I plan to go into more detail about this kind of stuff on Facebook via live videos and possibly even a Gumroad or Twitch type deal as time permits. Thanks!

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    Default Fallout 4 Artwork

    Amazing work and talent in this thread and at the summit. Here is some of what we showed.

    Big Bad Sentry Bot, This robot was designed as a type of boss encounter and was designed to be imposing and surprisingly nimble. He was also heavily armored and carries heavy weaponry, all of which can be modded and mixed and matched with parts from other robots using the powerful Automatron DLC Robot creator. Each Robot had a number of mods based around three themes, Standard issue Mods, Automaton Mods, and Rust Devil Mods. All of which were interchangeable.

    Rust Devil Mod Set Concept Art

    Mister Handy Butt Nekkid. We designed all the robots to have removable armor parts for both damage and to have variants throughout the world in different states of disrepair.

    This is early Zbrush concept art of the Assaultron robot. The sketch was created painted and rendered in Zbrush to demonstrate the look and some functionality.

    Here is a fully articulated 3D print prepared in Zbrush and printed on a B9 and and Ultimaker. The armor is also magnetically fastened and removable and the stand also lights up


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    Peter Konig's Presentation was my most favorite because of how revealing it was to me. Trying to finish everything is Z is not always necessary. Especially if you know your way around Photoshop. Wonderful stuff!


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    Default Ara Kermaco Kermanikian works from ZBrush Summit Sculpt Off

    It was again an honor, and super fun to participate in the ZBrush Summit Sculpt-Off again this year. Having to come up with a finished sculpt in 3 hours is an incredible challenge and a lot of pressure, and for me, it is a thrill because nothing compares to sitting with 11 artists who inspire you, and being part of a sculpt jam that produces beautiful results all around when the 3 hour buzzer rings.

    The workflow I used for this was mostly the ZModeler brush, Insert Mesh brushes using various IMM kits including my own, and of course, Vitaly Bulgurov's excellent ULTRABORG SubD kitbash kit : ULTRABORG

    You can see the final image in the Sculpt Off results page : Sculpt Off Results

    Here are some post summit renders. My workflow is mostly modeling/sculpting/kitbashing in ZBrush and rendering in KeyShot. Having more render time makes a big difference !!!

    Some folks asked if I share my UI, and I will figure out a way to do it on Gumroad or another venue. That said, please know that I change it all the time, and it evolves with my workflow, and an overhaul is overdue . Here is a snapshot of it.

    I want to thank the incredible Pixologic crew for putting on another amazing Summit and really look forward to next year.

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    Appreciate sharing the details guys. I enjoyed the Summit. Will also use Peter's workflow to get going with my sketches and early concepts.
    I assume its a popular quick way of getting the finished look. Its about speed and optimization and i need to learn that.

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    Default Enjoyed the summit...

    ... I was wondering if anybody has any idea how the Square Enix crew made those carve/slash brushes?

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    When will Disney Animation show their models?

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    Default Sculpt Off - Organic - Jesse Sandifer: Cyberpunk Henchman

    It was an honor to be part of the Sculpt-Off! I don't have much for a "making-of" but here's the final version of my guy. Since we were supposed to do Apocalyptic Cyberpunk, I tried to make a creature who was physically disfigured by a chemical release in the atmosphere but dressed in the local cyberpunk fashion. I'm a noob with Keyshot so this is all BPR render layers and Photoshop compositing. Thanks for lookin! - Jesse

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