Hello to everyone,

My name is Mager Kamel Aquino, I created this new thread to share some work I have been doing for a while now. I really like Zbrush Central and I am glad to get the chance to be part of this talented community.
I start with this new monster skull project for now. One of the purposes of doing this project is to present my portfolio trough a printed magazine. When I get the chance, I will post some of my older work from an old game I worked on. (Splinter Cell Conviction and some work I did on Watch Dogs games.)

I also did a video to present a breakdown of the steps that I followed to produce the image of the monster skull. (Sculpting-time lapse, showing my texture, Zbpr, Passes) etc. I also share the manner in which I composed my final image in Photoshop. This method worked for me and maybe there are some people for wish this can be useful.
I hope you will enjoy!

Video Below