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    Default Chiara Gatti - Environment Art

    Hi Everyone! I would like to use this thread to upload my environment pieces. I will post WIP and finished pieces. I sure your help would be precious to improve my skills
    Thank you

    I will start by posting my first big project.
    It's an environment inspired by Andrzej Dybowski's work. I worked for so long on this that i don't have the eye anymore so
    C&C is welcome!

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    overall this looks very neat, i like the detail on each single item, the resulting overall impression is that of a cozy smithy

    but a little criticism:

    gothic jousting armor next to iron age helmets and shields?
    like a thousand years apart, and a village smithy like this probably doesnt work gothic armor, those came from the great industrial centres in italy and germany

    fully fitted swords getting heat treated to glow and then standing on the glowing soft tip?
    no, just no! take the hilt, pommel and all off, just take the blade, grab with trongs by the tang and hold it into the fire, then when its red hot do somin with it, quench in oil for example or hammer it or whatever.

    not so sure about all those candles either, those were expensive, and just stand around for pretty moody light, one even very close to the edge of the table where it might fall off :O

    those horseshoes look like archeological finds not something my expensive horse would wear, gotta imagine those rusty, bent things we find on farms today were once hammered and ground to fit a horse's foot, they are spelt usually

    the gothic armor misses one very important ridge line on the chest that prevents you from getting lanced in the face, that V shape deco should have a rim at the bottom and be further up, you get hit in the chest by a lance the tip will slide along your chest to that redge and get deflected left or right away from your face

    where are the bellows? how do you get the heat of the forge up high enough to work steel? you need air, more air than this hut offers.
    anyway... looks neat :P
    and that realism stuff is nothing the world pays attention to, just watch historic movies and you gonna cry -.-

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    Hey man! I really appriciate your comment and i have to tell you. You are totally right!
    I probably forgot to mention that i was following a concept from Andrzei Dybowski

    so i decided to keep some of the elements that were already in the scene ( Like the heated swords!). Then when it came to actually do my project i worried a lot about the historical accurancy but all the people i asked were like " baaah who cares! make it look cool!". And i think at the end they were right cause my idea was to create a fantasy environment not an historical reproduction.
    I hope i answered well,
    sorry if my english is a little bad

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    i like this alot very nice,out of interest how many polys did it end up at
    Be lucky,and if ya not lucky,dont get caught

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    Hi! Thanks for commenting
    The scene is movie res so i didn't pay too much attention to the polycount. Let's just say that maya still handles it pretty well ahah

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    Default Armor Closeups!

    Here's some closeups of the Armor! I also wrote down a tutorial explaining my workflow!
    Hopefully someone finds it interesting and helpful!

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    Default New Project WIP!!

    Hi Everyone!
    i just started working so i don't have a lot of time at the moment.
    This is a WIP of my latest project
    Having some advices would be awesome!
    Thank you
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