Hello everyone.
A year ago I was honored to win the "Clash of Creatures" sculpt-off put on by 3D Proven Systems.

Today I present my entry into the 2016 Clash of Creatures contest:
Sea Witch

This project was a ton of fun and I especially had a great time learning and implementing ZBrush's Fibermesh into the concept. All the hair, back reeds, and sea plant life was made with Fibermesh. The whole sculpt was done in ZBrush 4r7 including polypainting and rendering. Final images below were composited from different ZB materials and composited in Photoshop

These are my official submitted images to the contest. When the contest judging is completed I will be updating this post with fixes so stay tuned for fine tuning. I will also be posting some behind the scenes stuff too.

As always comments, crits, and/or questions always welcome.

High res and more images on my Artstation: