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    I am somewhat new to sculpting and modeling. I have wanted to try and recreate this armor and was wondering what tools or techniques I need to use in order to recreate the top armor? I cannot seem to create the extruding details on part of the top. Can someone please give me some guidance or tell me what I should do and what tools to use? I have ZBrush and 3ds Max.

    Thank you if anyone replies.

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    Many ways to achieve similar results, but I would say extruding from a mask is probably your best shot, and using polygroups to your advantage (as well as panel loops and/or zmodeler).

    There is a good example by Michael Pavlovich (He have many good tutorials including some free ones)
    her's the link, in this one he extrude pieces for a boot but the technique used can be applied to armores or others kind of clothing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfZhi3v1KK4

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    Fantastic work. although I cant help you regarding this but its really good work

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