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    Very cute character and awesome render. I love the colors - very peacefull.

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    Default Anatomy exercise

    so I thought about getting more anatomy Practice and here is the Foot day XD first body part
    I was watching a traditional sculptor sculpting a foot and thought about replicating his technique digitally (steps below) and after sculpting I did a quick polypaint and threw it into arnold to render

    any crits are welcomed


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    Default foot

    Hi Antone
    It seems af if the toes looks too much like fingers, thy are too large/meaty and long in my opinion...
    on the upper side it looks as if it has an extra knuckle like on your fingers

    Try to look at some ref pictures of the soles of the feet :-)
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    @Peter Folke : yes this is correct , I noticed this .... I think I just got carried a way while doing the fingers , thanks for the feedback

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    Default One more Batman !!

    I think after the Batman day one more Batman won`t Hurt , right ?
    I had a few free hours and thought of creating this doodle of batman and thought it would be fun to make it like the comics rendering style.

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    been a while , here is something New I have been working on Blood Elf inspired from WoW
    based on the concept of Tony Sart https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Z1PBm
    I tried alot of new techniques that I really wanted to try , almost all of the detailing of the armor has been done inside substance painter and the skin texture was hand painted inside Zbrush and substance painter , also took my time to Create some blendshapes

    For more images please Check my Artstation : https://www.artstation.com/antone_m

    Thanks !!

    Some of the tools used in the Rigging were internal tools for Snappers however I sculpted every BlendShape by hand

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