Hello there!

I'm having trouble when sculpting in HD. When HD is activated, it applies transparency to the rest of the model with or without ghosting. I am looking for a solution where only the area I desire is visible?

I'm working on something much like a bowl and trying to sculpt the inside. I have isolated the area via polygrouping but I am unable to get a clear view because the rest of the model is visible albeit with transparency but this is enough to get in the way as it were. I'm working with fine details so it's not something I can check outside of HD mode.

Any advice always appreciated.



I've gone into preferences - draw and altered the opacity settings however the mesh is still getting in the way. The faces that are in between the area I want to sculpt are drawn dark and as such as interfering with the area I wish to sculpt.

**More Update:

The best I've been able to manage is to,
- isolate the area via polygroups
-preferences>draw> turn front opacity to 0 and back to 1.
- hit the trasp button on the side of the canvas and make sure ghosting is off.

Pretty good but still not perfect but for the moment it lets me do what I need to do. Now I'm looking at projecting details into HD so if I create a seperate subtool and sculpt up but I want to transfer that small area of detail into the rest of my original model while in HD mode.... Think it's probable a no???

***Updating like a fiend:

So I have sculpted detail on the outside of the bowl and It is my wish to bring that into the inside of the bowl to match. I go into HD mode where all the lovely detail is and duplicate this area as a new subtool. Going back to the original bowl, there is a possibility to use the transparency settings to view the detail from the subtool however... The rest of the bowl, regardless of the transparency settings, gets in the way of being able to view the detail from the other subtool. I'm sure it's all to do with transparency on transparency action. This is why I'm looking for a method to either view the detail to allow me to sculpt matching detail orrrrrrr if there is a method of baking the detail from one subtool into a chosen HD region.

I can appreciate a picture speaks a thousand words but I am unable to show images of the current object but I will attempt to make a mockup on another 'bowl' for illustration.