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    Default John Adams's Sketchbook

    I've only been using ZBrush for 6 months so I don't have too much to show but I thought I better start early so I can look back on my progression.

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    Default Enemy Character

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    Default Bush Master AR-15

    Made 100% in ZBrush.

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    Default Wow

    I build and shoot AR-15's I know them inside and out. this is the most realistic ar-15 model I have ever seen! amazing detail!!! great job my friend! top row!!!! google search "hera arms cqr" this is the newest AR stock set that has a waiting list of 12,000 people wanting to buy!

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    Cheers mate, that means a lot to a new artist.
    I checked out the CQR, and now I know what I'm making next, that thing looks awesome.

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    Default Hera Arms CQR

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    Default Enemy Character

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    Default Hera CQR

    Here is the CQR fully textured.

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    Default The Boston Dynamics Walking Tank

    My latest personal project, hope you guys like it.

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