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    Default Gecko

    Hi guys,
    I am very happy,after very long time(more then one years)
    Now i can share with you one of the my last work!
    I made this character for polygonbay (modeling - texture)
    And after modeling and texture i took a personality render from character,
    I hope you will like it

    Zbrush,Maya,Blender,Cycles,Substance painter,Photoshop

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    Please help me!,
    Why i can't edit my post??

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    Default A reall amaziing that found it

    all the graphics and colors are really amaze me. You may add more and more images here for us thanks for sahre
    Keep smiling EveryOne

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    Thanks jjenva,

    I worked a few more on texture and shader even color correction,
    I hope you will like new version of render

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