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    Default fbx

    one way is to use to the Zbrush fbx plugin or send the model to another program and scale it up

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    Default Apply rig to model in TM

    Just played around with this plugin. Works fine. I created a model and a rig which I saved out. When done with the model, pose etc. I clicked "get model" knowing I would not be able to change it inside the plugin.
    Now: I want to use the rig on the model using "Transpose Master". Loaded in the rig and pasted in on - but it doesn't fit??
    Can this be done, please?

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    Considering buying this plugin as I have a few characters to build quickly. I was wondering, can it export the model, work on it, and then use Zbuilders posing tools to pose it?

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    Default pose

    Yes you can pose in zbuilder

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    Went ahead and bought it. Just straight in to using it for my first of 8 characters. Got a quick question. I have figured out (some) of the posing methods. But can't figure this one out. I have the hand and I want it to be rotated back (back of the hand rotated further back in the supplied image) and cant figure out how to do it other than selecting each of the knuckles and rotating them one at a time. If I click on the wrist it only rotates it round the way. Any ideas?

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    Default doing a sculpt

    doing a sculpt of myself as Arnorld lol, started with zbuider and started to sculpt on it. I just cut in the eyes to make my own eyes.
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    Default ZBuilder

    Just a quick test, converted in Cinema4D.
    An options for digging the mouth and the orbits of the eyes would be welcome, in order to insert the eyes and teeth.
    Also, the edge flow could be more circular around the eyes, mouth and chest.
    But it's a great plugin, anyway.


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    So much potential. However, I felt that with muscles set to 0 the figure shouldn't be muscular at all, even as a full male. Also, set to full female, I felt the face was still way too manish, especially if young is set all the way to 1 and with young turned all the way up.

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    Default sculpt still

    I love the plug in. People still need to sculpt still. The plug in can't do everything. I love the uvs, I can put the head on a different sub tool and make the uvs bigger for substance painter. Wish the eyes sockets were more back

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    Default the viking's project

    I have been using zbuilder for a while, just playing around. Now I'm working on a viking.......... I have a suggestion , make the eye sockets hallow... I really like the tool
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    Default custom face or body

    How do you make a custom face or body (imported from another model applied to zbuilder)?
    Will there be any documentation?

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    Default question about Zbuilder 2

    is it difficult or hard to convert the low poly models for games? and will there be a low poly version of Zbuilder?

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    Default Pose model just doesn't work, for me

    Hi, I bought this app recently and I just can't seem to get the Pose to work.

    Each time I try and pose, I followed your video online, I move the rig around and that's fine. The once I have done the pose I hit "done pose". It then says it wants to import mesh (which I didn't see Zbrush asking in your video). It says the topology of the mesh has changed press yes to transfer to high res mesh.

    If I hit yes it basically spend 3 minutes doing something and then just gives me the basic girl model, unposed and with all parameters gone including sub divisions.

    If I hit NO then basically this happens

    I really like the program but even when I edit mesh I lose all of my editing parameters so it is not much use at the moment.
    It works fine in your video, which I followed closely but it fails to work for me.

    Can anyone help?

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    Marcus strikes again, what a legend.

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    Default eye sockets

    I have one suggestion for the next version. If it's possible to get an option to make the eye sockets hollow
    Thank you

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