Hey guys, first of all - let me know if this is the right place to post this!

I'm completely new to Zbrush and learning a lot as I go. Got a lot to read in these forums/tutorials. I'm a traditional sculptor moving over to digital, here's a head sculpt I've been working on to get use to figuring out which tool is good for what. (Pictures in order of progress)

I figure I should have started the hair on another subtool(?) as it looks like that's what a lot of people do but I just went straight in with it. I guess I'll carry on as it's good to learn from mistakes/work with these method. It's difficult knowing when to divide my sculpt and go to the next level of detail. I'm Thinking I should block out the hair and beard and then divide and take the detailing further and then eventually test out some skin detail.

Thanks for looking - advise, comments and criticisms all welcome!