Hey guys, this is my first post.
I'm new to Zbrush and I have only just started working with this amazing program.
While I was mucking around I came up with the idea for this tutorial which I think could be helpful.
I personally don't have the skills to make use of this but I can see how it could be useful for others though.

Spaceship thumbnail Tutorial:

Step 1. Start with a 3D primitive with a decent amount of poly's.

Step 2. Warp with your sphere or w/e with the move brush. Keep symmetry on.
Start with a large brush size and work your way down. Play around with it until you get a shape you like
Dem Poly's. Oh the humanity!

Step 3. Change Material to flat colour.

Step 4. Save front, rear and side views to canvas. Shift+S to snapshot.

Step 5. Make some super quick iterations and repeat steps 1-5. Ctr+n t clear canvas.

Step 6. Export out to Photoshop or whatever program it is you use for linework etc.

These same steps could be used for environments, weapons, vehicles or even character concepts. All things said, this process should only take a couple of minutes from start to finish for each iteration.

Hope this was concise and easy enough to follow. Sorry if it's not that great, I only spent about 20 minutes setting this up.
So little time, so much learning to do.

Cheers guys,

Look forward to posting some cool sculpts of my own soon.