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    Video XMD ToolBox Plugin - The Ultimate Brush Organizer and more!

    Hey guys!
    I just released a features video of the XMD ToolBox Plugin for ZBrush. The plugin is now available to XMD Members for beta. It is fully functional and awesome!

    Here is more information about the plugin and the XMD Life-Time

    The plugin is packed with features already and it is only growing. We have a TON of features in store for it. The launch has been very successful so far. The more people we get into beta, the better this plugin will get! I have already received a ton of feedback from the XMD Members and we have already started implementing some awesome new features.

    Here is what you get with the Life-Time:

    • Life-Time Membership to XMD (this includes EVERYTHING I make on Gumroad, forever!)
    • Beta access to the XMD ToolBox which is available NOW!! (shown above)
    • Now Over 850 Brushes!
    • Access to the Private XMD Facebook group!
    • This is a one time fee!
    • You will get the final release of the XMD ToolBox absolutely free after release!!
    • You will get to be a HUGE part of beta.
    • You will get to request your own features for the ToolBox!
    • Plus you get to hang out with me! (online of course)

    XMD ToolBox Beta Features

    • XMD Release Categories
    • Custom Brush Categories
    • Tag brushes for quick selection
    • Create a Favorites Collection
    • Multiple Favorite Collections to easily switch between with colored Fave Tabs!
    • Add descriptions to any brush
    • Just click the brush and it is loaded instantly into ZBrush
    • Have multiple locations to load brushes from (even from a thumb-drive)
    • Easily collapse down to just the Fave Collection
    • Go full-screen mode! (for those that have multiple monitors)
    • Very quick load of several hundred brushes (we tested 1000!)
    • Clearer Icons than ZBrush
    • Upcoming Features! (only mentioning a few here, there are 100s)
    • Alpha organization
    • Matcap organization
    • Lightcap organization
    • Multi-Brush selection
    • More Functionality for tags!
    • A MacOS version
    • and so much more!

    If you want to join beta, here is a coupon link for the ZBC peeps!

    Enjoy! Hope to see you in there!
    "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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    Default You need this plugin!

    This plugin is simply amazing! I've never liked the way the brushes were organized in ZBrush. Trying to find the right one has always been a time-consuming pain. Enter XMD Toolbox... My pain has been relieved. Even at the beta stage, the XMD Toolbox is full of handy features, like being able to save your own brush sets in customizable tabs. It's also easy to use. I can't wait until the rest of the features get added!

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    This is a great plugin. Helps to keep my brushes organized and within reach.

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    Default The best of the best

    You must get this pluggin its awesome, since i installed its my right hand for quick brushes.
    Learning Zbrush!!!

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    I love that and want to thank you , that it is possible through in the Life - Time Membership.
    I enjoy how easy it is to select a bunch of brushes first and than use it with one click in ZBrush.
    Makes the work in ZBrush very comfortable.

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    this is a great plugin it makes it so easy and quick to search through your brushes find the one you want, click it and boom its loaded right into zbrush. theres a whole lot more features soon to be added to. i suggest you check it out

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    Default Instantly indispensable

    Such a small price to pay for organization that saves so much time. And he has plans to take it much further. This will be one of the plugins people will be surprised if you don't have it.


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    This is something that I've wanted for a very long time. Excellent plugin.

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    Default Almost too necessary to exist.

    As an XMD member and custom brush addict, Toolbox is a as much gamechanger for Z brush as the initial XMD subscription. It instantly integrates into zbrush and enhances my workflow and im just scratching the surface of the plug-in. I always said Pixologic should be asking how much $$$ to hire Michael Dunnam and with the release of Toolbox the might wanna get cracking!!!! This program changes zbrush in a significant way by allowing unlimited brushes to be loaded which has been my number one request feature, but the added ability to sort, tag, and customize brushes plus much more makes Toolbox the best thing to come to Z brush since the reveal of 4R8.

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    Default New Updates! Alpha support added!

    Hey hey!

    I have some new updates for the XMD ToolBox.

    New Updates!

    • Added support for Alphas (.psd only)
    • Updated settings dialog with sections
    • Performance improvements loading brushes
    • Performance improvements on search and filtering
    • Alpha support has been added!
    • Added middle-click to open brush folder in explorer.
    • Added confirmation when deleting a favorite set.
    • Stack search on top of categories and tags instead of overriding them.
    • Adjusted font style for favorite tab names to make it easier to read with lighter colors.
    • Multi-select brushes to edit via ctrl-left-click or shift-left-click.
    • Add new categories and tags while editing multiple brushes.
    • Double click to activate brush in ZBrush.
    • Added options in settings menu to use single-click instead of double-click.
    • Select multiple tags to filter by.
    • Redesigned tag assignment when editing a brush.
    • Adjusted scrollbars to be narrower.
    • Edit brush settings directly from the info panel on the main screen.
    • Added new feature info window when running the first time after an update.
    • Added advanced brush tooltips, can be disabled in the settings menu.
    • Added brush type toggle filters
    • Ignore anything with _ico in the name in alphas

    On the horizon!

    • multiple categories for brushes
    • make details panel collapsible
    • Resizeable window when collapsed
    • Multi-select brush type filters
    • support hard return in description
    • Add credit to Tooltip of brush.
    • delete tags
    • Rename an existing category
    • Add info for new brush release next to download button (ex. New Brush Set Released! Blah Blah Set 04)
    • Add app update download progress when quitting or restarting
    "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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    Default Looks great...

    ... I know this sounds a little shallow, but can the user customize the interface colours for the plugin?

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    Default New Features & Installation Video!

    "... I know this sounds a little shallow, but can the user customize the interface colours for the plugin?"

    Yes that is actually in the next release. I am not sure how many custom settings there will be yet, but they will be in schemes. So basically I will have a bunch of already colored interfaces you can choose from.

    Here is the promised new features & installation video, with SOUND!
    "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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