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    Hello everyone,
    I'll start by posting some work that I've been doing as a freelance character artist on the stylized game Shardbound.
    Shardbound is a Tactical Collectible Card Game, a bit like a mix between Final Fantasy Tactics and Hearthstone.
    There's a Shardbound Kickstarter running it's last days, so be sure to check it while you still have the chance!

    One of the dudes I got to make was the Shanker. He's a piratey fellow.
    I made 'tutorial' on how I tend to tackle things. Hope you guys like it

    Here are links to the things I mentioned in the breakdown, all them are great so be sure to spread some love:
    MAH brushes, REN brushes, ORB brushes, Dimi's Blocking out for Dingusses, Leslie's Stylized Basemesh, ZSceneManager

    There will probably be some more highpoly renders for Shardbound in the coming days, and hopefully some new personal work later on

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    Nice, thanks for the tips

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