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    Default Ghost in the Shell - Major

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to finally share my own take on 'Ghost in the Shell - Major' that I did for the cover of 3D World Magazine. I used a lot of different reference while creating the character. (I am not associated with the movie at all, but have been extremely inspired by all the art to this point.) I used various reference from lots of resources but still tried to take my own approach to it. I went for an 80's inspired cheap mechanics look to some elements. The character took me roughly 3 weeks in my spare time. It was sculpted and detailed in zbrush, and textures in mudbox and hair in Shave and a haircut. Marv. for the jacket. Body was hand sculpted in zbrush as well. Also, there is a full tutorial with videos on the making of this as well in edition 220 of 3d world.
    Thanks very much!

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    Lovely works as per Dan

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    Wow! Awesome, dude!

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    Great take on the character, Dan!

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