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    Default Kill.Zone.Air Totural

    Hi every, finally got some time to make a short tutorial for my full mecha sculpt K.Z.A build 001. Got some request from Facebook and a magazine. there are lots of great tutorials out there such as W.A.S.P by Marco Plouffe( i learn from him a lot), and I just wanna share something that I know. Hope this can help some of you guys ;)
    and I will be also sharing a free insert brush that "mostly" contains my creation and "MAYBE" some minor parts from free open online sources.
    If anybody found it contains your creation, please email me at phenixju@gmail.com and I will take it off. This brush is not for commercially use or profit. and please don't donate me at gumroad, this is just for sharing

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    Default free brush?

    thanks for the breakdown. looks great. but
    where can i find this free brush?

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